Guided tour (english)

You recognize the guide with the historical clothes. You stroll together with the guide through the narrow streets in the old parts of Stockholm.
Why did Alfred Nobels neighbours force him to move? Why have the sculpture ”Ironboy” a very shiny head and whats the legend behind it?
Where is Hell in Stockholm? Where can we still today see traces from the Vikings? The best of Stockholm!
The tour takes approx. 1 hour.

For groups

You can book you own local guide:
* You decide date and time
* No one else will be booked on your tour


Stadsvandring Stockholm Gamla stan

The guides

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and has a very rich history and was mentioned in Writing for the first time in 1252. Its a long history but we have chosen the best and most interesting of Stockholm. Our guided tours covers Vikings, the Royal Palace,  the Bloodbath, ABBA, Alfred Nobel, and much more. Experience the Old Town with us! Hopefully you will take Stockholm to your heart.

Stockholm has been ranked as the most innovative city in Europe by the European commision. ”National geographic Traveler” published a survey were ”the Old Town” (gamla stan) was ranked sixth on its list if rated historic places.

Västerlånggatan 14 Gamla stan Stockholm, Västerlånggatan 14 Gamla stan, Stockholm, 11129, Sverige -